Naked Body Care

Good afternoon ladies & gents!

So now onto the baby aspect of my blog, as a mother I am constantly on the lookout for natural products for my little girl. Whilst strolling through Boots I spotted a bubble bath product called Mama Naked Calming Bath Foam, which I further investigated online when I got home and found that this company covered a range of products for body, face and hair.

Whilst scrolling through the Naked website I spotted a Mama and Mini section which which included a bundle Mega Mama (currently not on their website). This range covered both baby and mum which I thought was fantastic, so now onto the review.

Mega Mama Bundle (RRP £10)

What’s in the box:

Mini Naked Go Ga-Ga Gentle Body Wash

Mini Naked Knee High De-Tangler Shampoo

Mini Naked Cute As A Button Foam Bath

Mini Naked My First Butter

Mama Naked Calming Bath Foam

Mama Naked Positivity Hand Cream

All of these items for £10 was an absolute bargin!


First up is the packaging, WOW.. I was absolutely amazed of how well these were packaged, it felt like opening a christmas present which gave a greater feel of expense to the whole set.



Whilst using the products I have noticed that they are to an excellent standard, they do not dry out my daughters skin and leave a fantastic lasting fresh scent on her skin. Also an excellent aspect of Mini Naked My First Butter is that it leaves her skin like velvet eliminating any dry areas.

Overall I am overwhelmed at how fantastic this product is and even better it is 97% natural!



Head over to their store by clicking their logo below to pick up some fantastic products for yourself or baby while they have free delivery!


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