Amanda Louise Spayd Dust Bunnies Necklace!


 I am a huge fan of handmade jewellery so when I saw this Amanda Louise Spayd Dust Bunnies necklace I could not resist buying it and decided to purchase it immediately especially as her work sells out super FAST.

Maple wood Dust Bunnies pendant (RRP $24)

 Firstly I must comment on the presentation of the packaging, it is absolutely fantastic with a cute touch giving those dust bunnies a comfy journey to their new homes. The necklace is one of her fantastic handcrafted dust bunnies which tend to be in the form of plush, this necklace is presented on maple wood giving it her signature look. A lovely addition to this already beautifully crafted necklace it that it has a laser engraved back featuring her logo tiled throughout the design.

This necklace has to be one of my favourites in my collection it is on my neck almost everyday!



Hats off to Amanda for a fantastic piece, unfortunately for you guys this not available anymore but you can check her work out on her Blogspot by clicking her logo below.


What are your thoughts on this piece?


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