Revolution Focus & Fix Brow Kit


   I was kindly sent this *Revolution Focus & Fix Eyebrow Shaping Kit Medium Brown (RRP £2.50) from Beauty Product Testing to review. Unfortunately I have thin and misshapen eyebrows so I am constantly using products to make them look fuller and thicker.


Focus & fix comes with three shades and a wax, you apply the wax first and then build up the three shades until you reach your desired look I have found that mixing the wax then powder on my hand easier then apply to brow. The kit even comes with a mini eyebrow application brush and tweezers to tame those stray hairs and as a bonus quite a nice sized mirror. First impressions of this product is that it is an incredibly cute and small product which is perfect for those handbags!


Upon reviewing this product I noticed that the 3 shades were nicely pigmented and also doubled up as eyeshadows giving a lovely nude look which is great. Once I had filled in and shaped my eyebrows I noticed that this product gave them a natural look which stayed intact throughout the day without any topping up required, I even put this to the test with using this product over night as I hate redoing my eyebrows day to day due to not being able to re draw them the same shape. My eyebrows remained immaculate throughout the night until the morning which I found impressive as with many eyebrow pencils it tends to smudge. The only disadvantage I have found really is the small eyebrow brush, I found it quite hard to apply the powder to gain the shape I wanted due to the size so to tackle this I used a full sized eyebrow brush.


Overall I am extremely happy with this product and would definitely recommend it to those who use brow products.

Have you tried this product? What do you think?



Head over to their website by clicking their logo below to pamper those brows!



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