September In Photos


September has been a pretty hectic month, so what’s happened?

Well, firstly I began beauty blogging about 2 weeks ago I have been considering starting one for quite a while and I think it’s going pretty well I have a supportive Fiancé who has helped me buy tonnes of products to review and also a big thank you to those who have sent me products to review also. I am really enjoying blogging and recently bought my own domain so I am excited to get that up and running soon!

My little lady also turned 6 months on 14th September which is amazing! I can’t believe how fast it has gone it is amazing to see her personality develop and learn new skills every day.. here’s to the next 6 months and many more. Unfortunately she has not been so well, lots of nasty virus’ going around.. yuk! so blogging had to take a break for a few days but she is on the mend and full of smiles.

Another major event for this month it was mine and my fiancé’s 2 year anniversary, I can’t believe how fast it has gone it has literally flown by I must say he is pretty awesome and a fantastic dad.  As my dad had come down from Scotland for the week we decided to go to Blackpool Illuminations as it was our anniversary also, Scarlett absolutely loved the lights seeing her little eyes light up made our night.. she even scoffed all the apple pieces from Pizza Hut the little devil.

Here’s to another month of blogging, hope you all had a fantastic month!


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