Essence Cosmetics Hello Autumn Multi Colour Powder!

So ever since spotting one of Essence’s Hello Autumn products on an Instagram feed from an International blogger I knew I had to own it, I had been wandering around several Wilkinson stores and looking on Ebay only to find that they were not currently available in the UK. I was absolutely gutted, so when I went to Manchester yesterday I decided to pop in Wilkinsons again as it is a bigish store and asked their colleagues in regards to Essence’s new product range in which they directed me to an Essence booth around the corner. I asked the colleague about the product and she said that they did have an October Fest range coming in stock and if I would pop back shortly they would have the range available for purchase. I popped back at 6:30pm and they had the whole range which included the product that I had lusted for ever since seeing it. Thankfully after spending all my money on Lush products my lovely Fiancé bought it for me knowing how much I wanted it YAY (he’s lovely like that).


Hello Autumn Multi Colour Powder – Autumn & The City 10g (RRP £3.25) 



I absolutely adore this season of the year – all the autumn colours, nude makeup and cosy jumpers. The powder consists of imprinted leaves that are white, beige, light brown and dark brown as you can see in the photo, giving a subtle shimmer leaving your face with a soft radiant look. Being an autumn powder does not just mean the autumn colours, Essence have gone further by designing the palette as imprinted leaves which represent a different shades. I am really happy with how this shimmer looks when applied to my face it leaves a lovely warm colour on my pale skin.

The service provided by the particular Essence colleague was beyond amazing. I shall definitely be buying another one of these to keep me well stocked up.



Have you tried Essence Cosmetics makeup? What do you think of this range?

Head over to their website to fulfil your beauty needs by clicking their logo below!

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 22.22.50


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