Makeup Revolution!


I am totally in love with Makeup Revolution at the minute, their new releases are absolutely amazing! I am definitely in need of more of their products. I was scrolling through their website because I needed some more lipsticks, that’s one item I lack in my makeup bag. I spotted their ‘vamp’ lipstick collection and the colours were stunning especially with halloween coming up, they currently have them on offer all 3 lipsticks for £2.. what a bargain. I also grabbed 2 from their ‘amazing lipstick’ collection which are £1 each – you can’t really go wrong with £1 each.


What I like most about these lipsticks are that they are highly pigmented and provide full coverage over you lips. Quite a few of the lipsticks such as ‘100% vamp’, ‘black heart’, ‘rebel’ and ‘reckless’ have quite a creamy texture which is great for my dry lips. Though ‘fusion’ has a matte look and a waxy texture to it which does not agree with my lips unfortunately but I counteracted this and used it as a base layer for ‘rebel’ and it looks absolutely amazing. ‘100% vamp’ and ‘black heart’ are quite similar in terms of colour and unfortunately did not suit me as they were too dark but they would be great for halloween makeup so they will still get quite good use. My favourite definitely has to be ‘rebel’ it has a lovely pinky/purple colour to it and it matches my skin well.

In terms of Makeup Revolution’s packaging it is simplistic and eye catching with their gold lettering, another great aspect of their packaging is that every lipstick is colour coded on top which is amazing for when your routing through your makeup bag, you instantly know what colour is what!

Rebel & Fusion
Rebel & Fusion
100% Vamp
100% Vamp

Overall, I am really impressed with these lipsticks as I have found that it lasts throughout the day with probably one touch up which is great. The colours for the collections are absolutely stunning, I want them all but many would not suit me unfortunately.


What do you think of makeup revolution’s products?

Head over to their store by clicking the link below and grab some fantastic deals!



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