Botanicals – Cleansing Melt & Footbalm



Botanicals Foot Balm 5ml (55g RRP £18.95)

Botanicals Cleansing Melt 5ml (50g RRP £15.95)

I have read a fair few positive reviews about Botanicals and being a company that uses natural products it is a huge bonus. I decided to buy two of their samples that they currently offer on their website, all that you need to do is pay postage of £1.99. This is great as I get to test out the samples before buying a full sized product.

So what do these products do?

“A nourishing natural balm to seriously soften hard, dry skin, and nurture over-worked feet. Naturally antibacterial and soothing to the skin”

“We call our uniquely formulated cleansers ‘cleansing melts’ because they have a semi-solid consistency, which gently melts on contact with skin. They are designed to penetrate the skin’s lower layers; removing impurities and restoring natural balance. And are based on the homeopathic principle of ‘like cures like.”

First off these small little pots are so cute and they contain a good amount of product which is great for testing over a few days/period of time. Another good aspect of this product is that only a small amount is needed to cover the appropriate body part as the product is concentrated (contains no water).

The cleansing melt works wonders for my oily and spot prone skin, it removes any dirt and makeup traces leaving my face looking and feeling fresh and soft. I have yet to try this product out with using a hot cloth as it claims to open up your pores but as I have used all the  sample product up I may need to invest in a bigger pot! I am really impressed with this product not only does it work wonders, it smells absolutely amazing, I love that this contains rose and camellia.

Next up is the mint and tea tree foot balm, again this product has an absolutely amazing smell, it contains two of my favourite scents, mint and tea tree. Unfortunately I have not been paying attention to my feet so this is a great product to get my hands on. Though I have not had as good of an experience with this as it does not seem to soften my hard and dry skin on my feet. However I have been using this with a pummel stone and the result is absolutely fantastic.

   Overall, I am pleased with the results from both of these products, the cleansing melt works wonders for my skin making it feel fresh and incredibly soft. The foot balm I have found is not so brilliant on it’s own but using it in conjunction with a foot exfoliator it does a great job in keeping those feet soft.



Have you tried these products before?

Head over to their store by clicking their logo below.



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