Ozeri | Weighing Scales


*Ozeri Rev Weighing Scales (RRP £29.99)

I was kindly sent these *Ozeri Rev weighing scales to review, which I am quite excited to do as I am currently trying to tone and shift some baby weight so a good set of scales are a must. These scales have a synchronised electro-mechanical dial and digital display that automatically illuminates and points to your current weight.



I have been using these scales for the past week or so and I must say I am impressed, the design of the scales are simply stunning – it incorporates a 14cm dial which is integrated with a illuminating digital display and they look great in my bathroom. What I find great about these is that whether the ground is uneven or not the scales calibrate themselves after every movement so that you always have a zeroed starting point (just as you would with a kitchen scales). They also boast StepOn technology which captures your precise weight measurements upon contact which means no more stepping on, stepping off and waiting for it to start up, this means that I have a constant precise weight measurements to journal for my fitness regime. Once you have weighed yourself the scale will turn themselves off after 15 seconds to conserve battery and 5 seconds after stepping off.

Another great aspect of these scales is that they have a 24 hour alarm which reminds your at the same time every day to weight yourself in order to get accurate and consistent reading.

Overall, I am really impressed with the Ozeri Rev weighing scales. They have a fantastic electro-mechanical dial and digital display which illuminates making it easy to clearly read your weight. The scales have also battery conservation and StepOn technology which makes these scales superior to your standard bathroom scale. I would definitely recommend these to others.



Have you tried these Ozeri Rev weighing scales? What do you think?

Head over to their website by clicking their logo below.

Or click HERE  to buy direct from Amazon.



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