W7 Into The Buff Palette



W7 Into The Buff palette (RRP £9.95)

I’ve always been a fan of the Urban Decay’s Naked palettes the colours are simply gorgeous though I saw an alternative palette that was quite similar to Naked, this was W7 Into The Buff. I was excited to try this as it was quite similar and at a heavily discounted price being £9.95 in comparison to Urban Decays.

When I received this product I thought that the colours were subtle and perfect for autumn, with lovely shades of browns/gold, silver and grey/black and the pigments looked fantastic. Unfortunately I found that when applied to my eyelid at the time of doing my makeup despite using primer and setting spray the colours faded throughout the day and in some of the eye shadows the glittery pigment had disappeared. Though at £9.95 can you really complain if you cannot afford the Urban Decay’s palettes.

Overall, I am quite disappointed with this product as it did not work for me, maybe an investment into Urban Decay would be needed. Though I loved the the shades of the palette so I must give W7 credit there. I would probably not buy this again though it may work for others.



Have you tried this palette before? What do you think?

Head over to their website by clicking their logo below.



4 thoughts on “W7 Into The Buff Palette

    1. I was really happy witg the colours they are great, someone may have a different experience but unfortunately mine was let down wjth it not lasting. Yeah definitely might have to invest in some Uban Decay 🙂 x


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