W7 Cosmetics

I was kindly sent a generous amount of W7 products to review on my blog, which I have seen around quite a lot recently and they are fairly cheap so definitely a good budget brand. I have also recently reviewed their W7 Into The Buff palette (HERE) which I thought was a dupe to the Urban Decay Naked palette.


*Candy Blush – Orion (RRP £4.95)

This blush comes in 3 other colours, ‘Angel Dust’, ‘Explosion’ and ‘Galactic’ which are different shades of pinks to peach. I absolutely love this shade it is a subtle peach colour that brings my pale cheeks to life instead of looking ghostly. I have found the texture to be quite powdery and blends fantastically.




*Shadow Perfection – Argent

Another product that is not on their store so again I am unable to quote a price but there are similar ones such a platinum which is £3.95. I like this product it feels quite creamy with just one layer gives you a gorgeous subtle silvery shimmer across your eye lids and then your able to build up for more coverage.




*Yummy Eyes Baked Eyeshadow

I have not seen this product on W7’s website so I am unable to quote you a price on this product (sorry) but what I can say is I absolutely love this eyeshadow. This is a gorgeous shade of brown which I am always a fan of when it comes to eyeshadows as I adore the nude look, I have found that this baked eyeshadow stays put all day. The only downside I must say is at least 2 or 3 layers are needed to build up to get a deep enough shade on your eyelids otherwise it looks like you have barely anything on. None the less I love it and you also get a nice sized mirror which is an added bonus.





Another item I am unable to find the price of, but I absolutely adore this eyebrow felt, the chisel tip is just perfect for lining and filing in your eyebrows and another added bonus they picked a perfect shade that matches my brows! The only downside I have found is that it seems to run out and not work as well when I am wearing foundation so I have to top it up with an eyebrow pencil anyway.




*Makeup & Glow (RRP £4.95)

This product is a “gel based bronzer that adds a hint of sun kissed colour to your skin”, I was not too sure on this product as I am pale skinned and it is a darker colour as to what I would personally go for. On my skin it looked quite dark and had quite a bit of glitter which personally I did not like I do tend to go for paler and peachy tones. When using the brush in the bronzing base it looked creamy but it had a matte finish when on my skin which was unexpected. This product could be great for those who are darker skinned.






*Super Duo Eyeliner (RRP £4.95)

I have quite mixed feelings over this eyeliner, usually I hate using liquid eyeliner as I always manage to get it on the top of my eyelids! but I gave it another chance and have been using this for the past few days. The tip is different from your usual eyeliner, it has a bobbly bit on the end if that makes any sense, this makes the brush quite stiff which is quite good for lining especially for beginners but with the bobbly bit it doesn’t make it straight so i’ve found I have to keep going over and then the line keeps getting bigger. Due to having to relayer i’ve also found that it takes off the under layer of the eyeliner.




 *Lashtastic Mascara (RRP £4.95)

The brush applicator is quite a thick brush which glides through my lashes beautifully, I have found that they do not clump up and definitely look fuller and darker.



Overall, I have found W7 to be quite a good budget brand with quite a lot of items under £5 which you can’t complain at. I have mixed feelings regarding the products I was sent but please consider that these may work for you when they have not worked for me.

Have you tried W7 before? What did you think?

Head over to their store by clicking their logo below.



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