LUSH | New Shampoo Bars

My partner has recently got a job working at LUSH and being a huge LUSH fan you can imagine the excitement when I found out that he got the job! One of the beauties of working for them is that you get staff samples and one of these is that he got to chose two of their new shampoo bars that are being released in the next week or two. There are 6 new shampoo bars in the range which are ‘Lullaby’, ‘Honey I Washed My Hair’, ‘Brazilliant’, ‘Jason And The Argan Oil’, ‘Montalbano’ and ‘Copperhead’. He decided to chose ‘Copperhead’ for me as it is better for coloured hair and he chose ‘Brazilliant’.


Brazilliant Shampoo Bar (RRP £5.75)

“Strengthen and condition hair with andlroba oil from the Brazilian rainforest and lift your mood with sunny orange oil”

The smell of this bar is beautiful, the orange oil is very apparent but not too over powering. This is one of the ‘sense’ bars and has a less SLS (Sodium lauryl sulfate) which is the ingredient that creates the lathering that you know and love with shampoo, due to this it is a lot softer than the others. This bar still works amazingly well for my partners hair and he says that it lathered up very quickly and cleaned thoroughly leaving behind a nice fresh scent.


Copperhead Shampoo Bar (£5.75)

“Perk your hair up with this mild shampoo, ideal for coloured locks. With coffee and henna for shine. A great choice for dark hair.”

Upon first smelling the bar I can’t say I could smell the coffee but the scent of henna was quite strong – it was quite a strange scent for me but not off putting, but wow I do love this shampoo bar. I must say it is my new favourite shampoo.. after using this my hair feels incredibly soft and looks shiny! it literally looks like i’ve got someone else’s hair. Another aspect that I love about this bar is that usually with shampoos and coloured hair the dye runs but i’ve found this is minimum when using this bar – meaning that your hair colour will last a lot longer.



What I love about these shampoo bars is that they last up to 80 washes which is 3 times more than a bottle of shampoo, though the only downside is that they have to keep dry otherwise they will wear down more, this isn’t much of a problem though as you can just throw them onto the soap dish to dry out for next time.

Overall, I love both of these shampoo bars they both smell great and the results are fantastic. The ‘Brazilliant’ shampoo bar has an amazing orange scent leaving your hair smelling gorgeous and fresh. The ‘Copperhead’ shampoo bar is great for those with coloured hair which i’ve found keeps your dye washing away at a bare minimum. I would also love to try out ‘Lullaby’ and ‘Jason And The Argan Oil’ shampoo bars

Head over to LUSH’s website by clicking their logo below.

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 20.58.57


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