RMK Event | Selfridges Manchester


I was kindly invited along to the RMK event at Selfridges, Manchester on Wednesday by Heather at Of Beauty And Nothingness.

I was greeted by Shel who spent a good 30-40 minutes removing my makeup and prepping my skin for the makeover, which was quite relaxing. I felt comfortable which was nice as I usually am quite nervous when meeting new people but I did not feel like that when I was there. Shel talked through all the products she was using and what they did which was really helpful if you want to use their products again and how to use them.

After my skin was prepped it was ready for the makeup, I was then greeted by Lucy who mainly used their new range ‘Power of Love’ on my face. Lucy ran through the selection of bases, foundations, eyeshadows etc asking me which I wanted to use which was great as it allowed me to interact with them as to define the outlook of my makeup. She also encouraged me to try something different to my usual makeup look, which I took on board and used a dark brown mascara and gel eyeliner. Lucy again spent a good 40-50 minutes doing my makeup and I must say I absolutely adore the outcome.

Skin Care:

Cleansing Balm

Skin Tuner: Smooth Light

Face Essence


Creamy Base – 02

 Liquid Concealer – EX02

 Creamy Foundation – N201

Translucent Face – Poo


Matte Shiny Eye – 05

 Gel Eyeliner – 01

Eyebrow Powder – N


Shiny Cheeks – 02


Lip Liner – 02

Lip B – 29


Rose Face Mist

After my makeup was finished I was kindly allowed to choose a selection of products from their ‘Power of Love’ range which I absolutely adore. The ladies at the booth were all lovely and inviting which really does make a difference.

967897_10152406522480974_231312144_n 10805342_10152406522550974_1153653811_n 10822276_10152406522500974_192945612_n

Overall, I absolutely loved the experience at RMK both the staff and the makeover experience was great. I would definitely recommend for anyone that is passing their booth in Selfridges to definitely stop by!

Have you tried any of RMK’s products before? What do you think?

Head over to their store on Selfridges to pick up your goodies by clicking the logo below!

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 21.13.08


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