LUSH Cosmetics Valentines Range Peak!

10872575_10152496500435974_761618856_nImages from LUSH Bury

My partner was sent over the LUSH Valentines range the other day and I could have peed myself with excitement! Here is some of the range that is available including a couple of gift sets which is definitely a must.

Prince Charming Shower Gel 100g (RRP £4.75)

The Kiss Lipgloss (RRP £5.95)

The Kiss Lip Scrub (RRP £5.50)

Lonely Heart Bubble Bar (RRP £3.50)

Floating Flower Bath Bomb (RRP £3.50)

Love Locket Bath Bomb (RRP £6.95)

Cupids Love Soap (RRP £4.25)

Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar (RRP £3.25)

Heart Throb Bubble Bar (RRP £3.65)

I literally can not wait until next week and I get to test some of these goodies out for myself. My favourites have to be ‘Prince Charming’ and the ‘Unicorn Horn’, what is your favourites?


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