10 Months of Being a Mummy!

scarlett 10months

I have been meaning to do more mummy blogging recently but I kept putting it off because I was not sure what to write. I really wish that I had starting blogging ages ago because I would have loved to blog about my experiences early on.

Scarlett Rose Morgan



9lb 12oz

10 months have flown by crazy quick, like seriously where the hell has this time gone!? My little lady baby has grown up into her own little person. Scarlett is full of laughter and her personality shines through her smiles. It feels like yesterday when I was in labour with her, the 9 months of waiting for her to finally be here and to see what she looked like was all worth the wait! she is an utter beauty. I instantly fell in love with her and could not take my eyes away from her little cute face, I was finally a mummy.

I’m not going to lie it was quite hard even with my partner with me during the first week, I was just absolutely exhausted especially as I breast fed for the first week which just felt like I barely slept. I was absolutely gutted when I could not breast feed as she latched like a gem but the pain was too much for me, I just could not do it as it felt like I could not enjoy my time with her as much as I liked. So we made the switch to formula after some help from the midwives and another go at breast feeding and it was so much better for us. That aside and the poopey nappies I seriously am so happy! We have created this little person, this little person that is going to grow up into a lady and call me mummy – I could not be more proud.

scarlett 10months2

It is amazing watching her grow and learn everyday which I find myself just sitting and watching her, thinking how perfect she is – soppy I know. She has learnt and developed so much in 10 months, she has took to eating like a pro – she is so good with her food and definitely has eyes bigger than her belly like me (my love for cake grows more). she said her first words – mummy and dadda which literally melted my heart when I heard them, I was on the brink of crying. She can also wave and clap her hands which really is the sweetest thing ever. She absolutely loves being on her feet, she loves to walk whilst being supported with a beaming smile on her face. I know I might be a little bias but she is the cutest and most beautifulest lady baby ever.

I can not wait for the many more years to come, I just can not believe how quick it is going so I am grabbing onto every moment I can. I hope you enjoyed the read and I will definitely be posting more about my little lady baby in future.







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