Mr Nutcase!


*RRP £14.96

I was accepted to design a phone case with the company Mr Nutcase thank you to Heather over at Of Beauty and Nothingness for the recommendation. Of course I decided to personalise it with lots of pictures of my little lady baby – I know I might be a little bias but she is absolutely gorgeous. I must commend the company on their speedy delivery, I designed and ordered the case on Wednesday, in which it was dispatched on Thursday and the case arrived on Saturday morning.

The process is really simple, you choose your manufacturer and device, then you choose what case you want which I decided to chose the ultra light weight slimline case. There is a number of design layout options that you can choose from which I just went for a collage of pictures. When the case arrived I was amazed with the quality, the print was not tacky/over stretched at all – it is literally perfect. The print is high quality resilient printing so it is a hardwearing case.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with the result and quality of the case, the process on the website when designing your own case is quite simple. You can also design your own case and have 10% off using the code “Thanku10”

Head over to their store by clicking their logo below.

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 19.33.31


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