Benefit Brow Tint!

benefit counterBenefit Brow Tint (RRP £9.50)

I have always had sparse brows, and it did not help that I over plucked them when I was younger (sigh), there is one brow that really does not cooperate at all. It is an utter pain in the arse, the hairs are so sparse so it literally looks like I have half an eyebrow at a distance without my brow makeup on. I literally have never thought of tinting them, not sure why but it has never crossed my mind – silly me! So as I was going to Manchester I decided to head over to Benefit at House of Fraser and get a brow tint. As you would expect on a Saturday it was rather busy so I had to wait a little while which was not a problem, I was greeted and felt welcome by Benefit’s friendly staff who were lovely.  She sat me down and asked the colour that I would like to which I opted for medium brown which I thought matched my brows, she applied Vaseline around the skin of my brows so that the dye would stain my skin and applied the dye spreading it on with a stick. After a few seconds of the tint being on she took a little to the side and showed me asking if this is the colour I wanted, to which I preferred it to be darker so the tint was left on for a while longer. Once I was happy with the tint colour the rest was removed and the area wiped down – they instantly looked 100 times better than before. I was also asked if I wanted my makeup touching up around my brows as it had been wiped away, to which I agreed as I would be walking round Manchester with patchy foundation! I was taken over to the makeup counter where she used Brow Zings! now, I know I am not the greatest with applying brow makeup but she did an absolutely horrendous job!! They weren’t even equal in size or shape, they were literally shocking. I don’t know if it was because they were busy but surely they should not rushing, I literally went to the toilets straight after to wipe it off and redo them.


Overall, I was extremely happy with the tint it provided the results as to what I had hoped but was extremely unhappy with my brow makeup, the fact that they were so completely different in size and shape was shocking which has kind of put me off going to Benefit for a makeover.

Have you had a benefit makeover? What did you think?


3 thoughts on “Benefit Brow Tint!

  1. Totally agree! I’ve been having my brows tinted and waxed at benefit for ages and have never had a complaint, but the brow lady usually touches up for me. But a couple of months ago I had a makeover and I got home and took it straight off. I said I wanted a flawless skin with natural shades on my lids and the foundation application was horrible and patchy and she used dark shades on my lids that were very heavy and not blended! She didn’t even touch my brows! I wasn’t impressed! But I highly recommend the brow service! X


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