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Custom Canvas Print (£39.46 inc Next Day P&P)

Ever since I had my gorgeous lady I have wanted a huge canvas of her but my partner advised that we waited till she was a little older, so that she has more personality shining through to which I agreed. Around September time I was doing a small shop in ASDA when these sales people stopped us to talk about their photograph offers that they were holding at ASDA during the week, they were sepia vintage photographs which I must admit did look stunning. They had an offer of £15 for the shoot and you also get a 10×8 photograph too, they also dress them up to suit the background so I really wanted it done as she was 6 months at the time – thank you to my dad for paying for that. We received the prints and soon as I saw it I knew that this was the one to be blown up, the photos were just perfect but this particular one stuck out of the bunch, it’s of her holding her favourite book ‘Guess How Much I Love You’. We decided to grab the full package costing £140 which included the digital files and a range of photographs, this was perfect for when we wanted to buy the canvas.


We have been looking around companies who make custom photo canvas’ and from what we had found it was looking quite expensive for the size we wanted, we luckily found OrbitPrint which was reasonably priced compared to the others. Looking through the website we decided that we wanted to get a A1 canvas (starting at £24.99) of that photograph blown up, the process on the website was really simple which made it a breeze to order. We selected the canvas size that we wanted that followed on to the selection of frames, we decided to go for a deep frame (44mm) as that is what we personally preferred. Scrolling on through the list it then took you on the type of wrap you wanted for your canvas, we selected gallery wrap (adding £0.99) as we believed that the photograph continuing onto the sides would look better and more professional. The next stage was to choose what type of canvas you wanted, premium canvas appeared better suited, this was a thick premium cotton canvas (£3.49) so these image would not be glossy and ultra smooth. The process then takes you over to enhancements, which was options such as colour enhance, red eye removal etc though we did not need any of these as the photograph that we provided was perfect. The final stage is upgrades which is where you can choose gift wrap etc, we decided to select photo proof via email so that we could see what the image looked like, it was absolutely spot on. We went ahead with the order and accepted the proof print (below is the process).

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 21.30.41

The printing process was speedy, from contacting them, emailing the proof to printing and shipping was done in just over a hour, I was amazed. We had paid for next day delivery (£7.99) so were so excited to receive it, however on Wednesday it was non stop snowing so the delivery was held, though I think they also damaged it to which Yodel advised us to contact OrbitPrint. OrbitPrint kindly remade our canvas and sent it out for dispatch again with another speedy process so that it would be here next day, they also refunded us the £7.99 postage. Friday afternoon the print had arrived, it was absolutely perfect, the quality and attention detail is just simply beyond amazing – there was no distortion of the image.

Overall, ordering through OrbitPrint is a really fast and simple process making it a breeze to order your personalised canvas. The quality and attention to detail is simply incredible which is more than what we had hoped for, the customer service that was provided when we needed was again spot on and really helpful.

Have you used OrbitPrint before? What did you think?

They currently have 80% off photo canvas’ over at www.orbitprint.com


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