The incredible jar of Lush soap!




“Ive got a jar of soap, I’ve got a jar of soap, and guess what’s inside it”

I have been thinking of doing a bowl of soap for quite a while after watching Vampire Diaries (i’m slightly obsessed with it). Those who have watched the show will know that Damon has a big vase of different soaps where he hides the moonstone and after watching that episode I had to make my own, so who better than Lush to provide the sudsy goodness as I am obsessed with their products.

I scrolled through the Lush website to seek out what soaps I wanted and sent my partner into work for them all! And wow does the jar smell AMAZING!

A couple of the soaps I already had to hand, such as Yog Nog which is packed with cinnamon and was one of the exclusive soaps at christmas (I could seriously eat it!). I also had some Baked Alaska (another christmas exclusive) which looks so vibrant with its blocks of colour and the citrus scent is so uplifting I can not wait until next christmas to stock up again! Another one of my favourite soaps in this jar is the Cupid’s Love Soap (£4.25) which you can see in my previous post. I needed another block of this as it only available for a limited time and smells absolutely amazing with the passion fruit and bergamot oil, its definitely one of my favourites from the valentines range.

As for new purchases for the jar I decided to grab the Dirty Soap (£4.10). My partner is obsessed with the Dirty Body Spray (£15) and it seriously smells amazing so trying the soap too was a no brainer. The soap is refreshing leaving you feeling uplifted and ready for the day due to menthol and sandalwood.

Ice Blue (£3.10) is such a great soap for the bathroom, it really reminds me of toothpaste as it has peppermint oil in it which means you are left with a lovely tingling sensation on your skin. This soap contains fine sea salt which softens your skin as well as sweet wild orange oil and bergamot oil to “put a zing in your step”.

Next up is Miranda (£3.40) which after reading the description I was in love with and the design of this soap is simple yet gorgeous. The soap is packed with kiwi and refreshing citrus oils (can you see an obsessive citrus theme developing!). This soap is also great as it is full of natural fruit enzymes that helps to break down dead skin cells in turn getting rid of that dull skin and leaving a brighter more vibrant glow. Sea Vegetable (£3.10) was another one for the jar, I have had this soap a few times before and absolutely loved it as reminds me of the sunny seaside. It is a mineral-rich seaweed soap leaving your skin feeling incredibly soft, not only that it smells AMAZING too.

Magnificent (£4.00) is one that I very much love as its a pure block of heaven packed full of mango, lemon oil, mandarin oil and neroli, leaving you feeling squeaky clean. I can surely say that this soap is magnificent (I hope you find that as amusing as I did). Oh my wow Sandstone (£3.40) is outstanding! I loved the sound of the description as it mentions that it “brings to mind the beaches of Brazil.” doesn’t that just sound heavenly? Its so nice to have a soap that exfoliates as well as it cleans which is the thanks to the sand that is packed throughout.

Last but not least is The Godmother (£3.10)! I saw this soap quite a while ago but never thought to pick it up, I love the stunning pink colour and that the soap shares it’s scent with Snow Fairy, so if you love that then you are definitely going to love this. Unfortunately Snow Fairy is only available for the christmas period so you can use this to feed your addiction.

Phew, we made it! Have you tried any of these soaps before? What is your favourite one to make you squeaky clean?


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