Denman D3 AnarKitty Ruby Brush


*Denman – AnarKitty ‘Ruby’ D3 Brush (RRP £7.50)

I was kindly gifted this *AnarKitty ‘Ruby’ Brush from Denman to review, this one of their latest Valentines special edition brushes available on their website. Denman have teamed up with AnarKitty to create this stunning red D3 brush which resembles the 20s era. The brush is highly influenced by ‘The Great Gatsby’, ‘Mad Men’, Denman and AnarKitty, creating an image which displays the fashion and culture of women from the ‘flapper girl’ period

The image on the brush is of a 1920’s style woman wearing the famous flapper dress which is printed on a stunning gloss ruby red background. The image of the woman also features the iconic 1920’s finger wave hairstyle which has been finished with the Denman crown giving it that modern twist.

Firstly I must comment on how gorgeous the packaging is, a lovely matte cream and black box with subtle gold and red gloss accents. The handle is a gorgeous plastic ruby red with ‘AK’ printed in black and the Denman logo debossed into it. This brush certainly looks and feels high quality and as for the brush part, there is a white thick rubber with the letter ‘D’ and the Denmark crown embossed onto it. The bristles on the brush as longer than your average hair brush with a rounded tip so not to hurt your scalp while using.

I have insanely knotted hair and will wake up in the morning with the hair of Russell Brand which means that I am forever brushing and taming it. With this Denman brush I have found that it just glides through the knots in my hair and I can honestly say it has been a life saver every morning, and my hair is definitely easier to maintain with this brush, it has found its way into my handbag!

Have you tried any Denman brushes? What is your favourite?

*PR Sample*


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