Scarlett’s Park and Museum Trip


A couple of weeks ago me and my partner took our little lady to our local park which also has a museum, so we headed over to the park for a little play on the swings which she absolutely loves and never wants to get off! We then we strolled down to the museum.

When we got there entry was free which is always a good thing if you do not have much cash spare. They had a gorgeous cafe which was decorated with art prints throughout two large sized rooms so you can grab a coffee and food before or after looking around the building. You are also greeted with a large stone hallway decorated with Victorian paintings throughout which leads off into a number of rooms, including a Victorian style room, taxidermy, art gallery, vintage and war memorabilia.


When we went into the Victorian style room it was dull lit with deep red walls and drapes, considering how dark the room was you could still make out the detail in the furniture and the wallpaper design. As mentioned there was also a taxidermy exhibition, I am a little creeped out by taxidermy but I do think it’s really cool how they can preserve the animal to it’s original form. Upstairs is an art gallery exhibition which is filled with art work from local artists ranging from paintings to drawings, I am a huge fan of art work so this was especially nice to visit due to all the artists being locally sourced. Also upstairs was a room filled with from local history such as old police uniforms and accessories, vintage national rail memorabilia and also a incediary bomb.

I really want to take Scarlett to more of these things, I think the next stop is the Manchester Police museum.


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