Spooky Eyes

I was kindly accepted onto an EtailPR campaign for Spooky Eyes, which are a UK based company  who specialise in crazy, natural and Halloween cosmetic contact lenses. Spooky Eyes also stock over 500 designs for different occasions are great prices. If you have worked with EtailPR before then you know the drill that you choose 3 different samples as your first, second and third choice which I managed to get my first in this case (YAY).


I was sent the *Spooky Eyes Black Contact Lenses (28.95$), I have always wanted to have black contact lenses so bad, every time that I have seen them in vampire or demon films I always think that they look super cool so that’s where that has sprung from.

I have actually never used contact lenses before so I was unsure how to actually put them in and was extremely thankful that my partner was to hand as he wears prescription contacts so he helped me. Putting them in was a total struggle for me, at any point that they were going anywhere near my eyeball I kept blinking which was such a pain in the arse though no fault of Spooky Eyes but down to my own inexperience. Once I had finally got the contacts in, which literally took forever I must admit that they looked awesome but it took some getting used to as my eyes are quite a light blue and something was stuck to my eyeball. The contact lenses took a few minutes to get used to especially if you have never worn them before but after those first few minutes they feel really comfortable. The only thing that I was slightly disappointed with was that I could still see my original part of my eye colour and the contact lenses were not completely blacked out however that may be because my pupils were not dilated as you can see from my photo.

Overall, I am extremely impressed with the lenses at Spooky Eyes I love that they have such a wide range of contact lenses for a number of events or just to wear, I would definitely recommend them to others.

Fancy some awesome funky eyes? Check out Spooky Eyes over on their store.



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