EtailPR Body Jewellery Shop


I was kindly accepted onto an EtailPR campaign for the Body Jewellery Shop. If you have never heard of the Body Jewellery Shop then the name pretty much speaks for itself. The Body Jewellery Shop has a range of 12,000 products which include body jewellery, piercing tools, fashion accessories and coloured contact lenses for such low prices.

I am a huge fan of piercings, I currently have my nose, snakebites and septum pierced and I also have my ears stretched, but I know that is not everyone’s cup of tea. As part of the campaign I was able to browse through a number of products and make a selection as to what I wanted as my first, second and third choices, as you are not always able to get your first choice.

I was kindly sent the *Wooden Flesh Plug – Mongolian Hat (£6.00), I absolutely adore wooden flesh plugs in my opinion they look far more expensive than plastic ones. I love the wooden texture on these which is great for those who are a fan of organic made body jewellery. Their Mongolian Hat flesh plugs have a concave surface with a slightly rounded middle, these are also double flared which means that they stay securely in your stretched ears without the use of O rings.

I was also kindly sent the *Steel Labret Stud (£1.95) which is suitable for a number of things such as ear piercing and labret piercings. I currently use this labret stud in my lip and it feels really comfortable to wear, the back of the stud which will be against your teeth has a flat base making it less likely to chip your teeth. I have also found that when I have been wearing these I have not caught them whilst eating my food which is a bonus. The only thing that I would say that I dislike about these labret studs is that the balls are so fiddly to put on so a pair of latex gloves are handy to have, seriously the amount of times that I have lost the ball to them is insane.

Overall, I really like these products that Body Jewellery Shop gifted to me for the review, they are incredible quality for such a low price. If you have any piercings or are thinking of getting one I would definitely check out Body Jewellery Shop as they have some great prices.

I’d love to know what piercings you have and what jewellery you wear in them!



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