Beauty With Sarah HD Brows


A couple of weeks ago I was scrolling through Twitter and spotted a blog post by Jemma over at Dorkface blog, she blogged about her experience getting HD brows, after reading her experience it gave me that push to go and get mine done (A huge thank you!).

Many mornings it has taken me absolutely ages just to do my eyebrows sometimes 30 minutes which includes me wiping them off and redoing them several times and they still do not look right to me so I leave the house feeling disappointed and they do not look how I desired. Not many people have seen me without brow powder on but if you have then you’ll know that from a distance one of my eyebrows looks like I have half an eyebrow because it is so so sparse. Also I have always had a tendency to over pluck the hairs and there was literally no shape to them what so ever. I booked my appointment with Beauty With Sarah to finally get these hairless caterpillars sorted out, I already knew that this salon was pretty good as my aunty goes there often so I trusted her judgement.

Before I had my brows done I had to go for a patch test for the tint, where they added a small amount of the tint onto the inside of my arm with a little bit of tape over it, I needed to keep this on for 24 hours to see if I had a reaction to it but luckily I didn’t. I headed over to Beauty With Sarah which is based in Haslingden for my appointment and was greeted by Amanda who was doing my brows, she was lovely and welcoming offering me and my sister drinks. I had taken my sister to the appointment because I tend to get quite nervous going to new places/meeting new people but there was really no need to worry as I felt comfortable.

Amanda took me into a separate room where she began the consultation, she could instantly see the shape was there when she took the powder off and see where the sparse areas were. Amanda penciled in a guide as to what would suit my face mapping out where my arch should be and where my eyebrows show start and end. She made me feel very involved asking me if I thought that they looked ok which made me feel good, you should be involved in the decision because they are your eyebrows right! Once she had penciled them in she passed me the mirror, it was so hard to imagine what they would look like with just a line drawn around them so I felt like they looked far too big, almost like scouse brows which really isn’t my look but I trusted her.

Amanda tinted, waxed, threaded, tweezed and trimmed my brows, it sounds like a whole load of pain but it was actually pretty painless. She again showed me the results of them after that process was done, they actually looked pretty great! nothing like what they looked like when she did a pencil line. She showed me where I needed to try and grow the hairs out more to get them more fuller and surprise surprise it was that bloody half eyebrow one that needed more growing out!  Afterwards she then went onto filling one in with pencil so I could see the comparison to where the hairs needed to grow to reach the desired shape and they looked so good filled in. The treatment cost me £32 though I luckily got 25% off from my aunty, I would definitely have paid the full price though because it has made me feel so much better about them.

apologies for the picture quality

I had a really great experience at Beauty With Sarah, the team are incredibly welcoming and helped me have more confidence with my eyebrows.


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