Trilogy Skincare Event

I was kindly invited along to the Trilogy Skincare event in Manchester a couple of weeks ago, I was over the moon when I received an email asking if I wanted to come along as I have only been blogging for around 7-8 months.  I have been to other events with my friend Heather over at Of Beauty and Nothingness but this was the first event that I was going to on my own so I was super nervous but there really was no need to be. The event was held at the Sky Lounge at Double Tree By The Hilton which was on the 11th floor, it was an absolute gorgeous day for the event so they were super lucky to have the weather as it complimented their products.


If you haven’t heard of Trilogy before then they aim to “make high-performance products that are a little bit different. And we always strive for the better. Better ethically, aesthetically and environmentally. We’re inspired by natures purest extracts, creating products to help you make a more conscious decision about the way you care for your skin, your wellbeing and your world.”

When I arrived to the event I was greeted by the lovely staff at Double Tree By The Hilton who were very welcoming and directed me into the room where the event was being held. I was led into quite a large room with four different tables displaying Trilogy’s products and a gorgeous view over Manchester. To begin with the event was rather quiet with only 5-6 people attending as it was on between 12 and 8, I felt quite comfortable and less nervous.

I was greeted by the lovely Trilogy people, I do apologise because I cannot remember the names for the life of me. The team talked us through each of the products on each of the tables and what they did ranging from Rosehip Oil, Everything Balm and Anti-Aging. Each table was displayed with a range of products and particular fruits for example berries that were included in the products or represented the packaging adding gorgeous colour to the display and complimenting the products.

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After we had information on the products we were asked if we wanted to participate in making our own moisturiser to which I agreed. We were greeted by a lovely lady from the team that explained what the process to make your own moisturiser was, the table had little drawstring bags containing a large syringe, pot of wax and essential oils and last but not least a wooden stick. She explained what different essential oils were in the pot and the we added hot water to the mixture which was sucked up through the syringe and then forced out until the mixture was creamy and no more lumps. Once the mixture was ready we then added the fragrance which contained rosehip and frankincense, only one drop was needed to create a gorgeous essence. The moisturiser we created makes your skin feel incredibly smooth and smells absolutely amazing.


After we created our own moisturiser to take home we had some lovely lunch on the terrace with the team, other bloggers and magazine editors. Unfortunately I had to leave the event early as my little girl had to have her 12 month injections but I had a great time and they gave me a generous goody bag with a couple of products to test out.

Have you tried any Triology products before? What is your favourite?


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