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 I have never heard of The Buddha Beauty before so I was interested to find out more, they are located in Manchester so they are quite local for me and a huge bonus is that they are cruelty free, vegan and gluten free. I was kindly sent this *Organic Sweet Orange Dry Body Oil (£9.50) to test out for myself. Straight out of the box I was impressed with the simplistic look of the packaging. The royal blue contrasts against the white and looks really nice along with the mustard yellow. As soon as I opened this bottle to give it a sniff I was blown away by just how amazing the smell is. It does not smell synthetic like a lot of high street brands do, it smells so pure and soothing. The natural ingredients included are: Almond oil and Sweet Orange Essential oil which makes me happy as it contains no perfumes and no preservatives.

To use this product you “Hold the bottle around 30cm away form your skin and spray a light layer all over your body paying particular attention to any dry areas of skin, after a few moments the oil will dry leaving your skin silky smooth” This is a really nice product because like it says above it does not leave an oily film on your body and skin which a huge plus because it means I can pick up my daughter without her slipping out of my hands. My skin feels absolutely amazing after using this and the smell of orange lingers on my skin for hours.

This 250ml bottle is definitely going to last me a long time as with it being an atomiser on top it means that barely any is used per spray but still goes a very long way, overall I am very happy with this product and definitely think I will be picking up more from the Bhudda Beauty store due to them being such reasonable prices and all natural products.

What is your favourite natural skincare product?

buddha beauty

My Buddha Beauty wish list


One thought on “The Buddha Beauty Company

  1. hiya missa! I stumbled across your blog and I adore it! Literally been reading every post haha! it’s a great blog with great tips too! one query though – how do you get approached by big name companies for event invites and free samples etc? It’s a great way to be able to review and experience products never tried before, which is a great addition to any blog! look forward to hearing back from you! x


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