Baby Dam


A couple of weeks ago I entered Baby Dam‘s recent competition SmileForEaster with a photo of my little lady and I was lucky enough to win. If your wondering what a Baby Dam is then you need to because it’s a life changer for your little one, it basically “turns your family bath into your baby’s” where you are able to modify it to your growing little one. The Baby Dam will allow you to save both money and water as you are able to fill your bath to the required section.

Our Baby Dam (£29.99) arrived, it was basically a flexible piece of plastic that was suction making it able to bend and attach to your bath, I was so excited for bath time with my little lady. At first it was a little hard to adjust to, I did have to reapply it several times as I had found it didn’t suck to the bath properly so water was just leaking out of the bottom but I managed to get the hang of it. I was able to section the bath off to what I desired for my little girl, saving around half of the bath water I would have usually put in and time taken to fill the bath up. My little girl really loved it, her bath toys didn’t float away and she did quite enjoy chucking them over the Dam thinking it was a little game. I cannot recommend this product enough to other parents, it has literally changed our bath times, even better for those who’s curious little children keep going near the taps, this has managed to keep my little lady away from them.

Overall, I absolutely love this product, it saves both time, water and makes bath time fun.


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