Lush Oxford Street Emotional Brilliance

If you have read my previous post you would know that I popped over to Lush Oxford Street at the weekend, if not then you can read it here. If you have been following Lush lately then you’ll know that the new flagship store on Oxford Street has recently just opened and have 200 exclusive products.


When I arrived I saw that they had updated their Emotional Brilliance line, they had finally brought out three new eyebrow products, an eyebrow crayon and a pomade. The eyebrow crayons are literally like Crayola crayons, which I find pretty cool, they come in Brun (brown) and Rogue (red) the colours are pretty much self explanatory a brown and red like tone. As mentioned above they have also released a pomade which I would have loved to get but they only had it in noir, which is definitely far too dark for me.


I decided to pick up the eyebrow crayon in Rogue (£7.00), as I thought it would suit the red tones in my hair. The crayon is really easy to add a burst of colour to your brows, the one thing I would say is it is quite hard to get any sharp and defined lines so if that’s what your after then this product is probably not for you. I absolutely love the reddy brown colour this adds, it isn’t the same shade as my eyebrow colour as they are dark brown but I think definitely suits my ombre hair. The one thing that I rather dislike about this crayon is that because it is quite waxy it tends to take a hair or two out, and for a person who over plucked when they were younger I don’t want to loose any more eyebrow hairs!


I also picked up one of their new exclusive lipsticks 50 Shades Of Red (£20.00) after I had it explained and swatched on my hand, I just had to buy it. This is basically a 4×4 block of lipstick, with shades of deep red, black and an orangey red so your able to create your own lipstick look. This block also came in nude and pink, which you can also use as a blusher. When one of the staff members swatched some of the lipsticks that I was able to create using this block I was totally in love, I was able to create a gorgeous deep red lipstick that I have lusted over for years! I use a lipstick brush to apply this to my lips leaving a gorgeous deep matte red look. The only disappointment about this product I have found is that it came in a little cardboard box, in my opinion it would have been a lot nicer if it had it’s own little tin so you don’t get lipstick all over your hands every time you use it though my partner solved that hurdle by making me a little styrene box for it.

The thing that I love about all the Emotional Brilliance products is that it is classed as face make up so you are able to use them for multiple things, such as lipstick as both eyeliner and eye shadow.

Overall, I really like this eyebrow crayon and I am so so glad they have finally brought an eyebrow range out but I really wish that they had a brown in the pomade, that would be better suited for me in my opinion. I am so in love with the 50 Shades Of Red lipstick block, it creates a deep red defined look which really does compliment my pale skin.


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