Prairie Charms #PrairiePayItForward


I was invited to take part in Prairie Charm‘s recent collaboration with the ‘Make A Wish Foundation’ which they have decided to kindly give back in their own way by donating 25% of each order to their chosen special cause. Personally I think this is a great way of getting people involved and backing a good cause, also discovering a new brand as I have never heard of Prairie Charms before.

“With our exciting relaunch we have decided to throw a collaboration party if you will as an opportunity to highlight the importance of giving back to the community and become an inspiration to others into how it only takes small gestures to bring people together and appreciate the importance of one another, whilst having lots of fun at the same time. “


As part of their collaboration they kindly gifted me 25% off their products, I decided to go for their Rae White Rose Bobby Pins 7$ and they also sent me two other products as a kind gesture. I picked the bobby pins as I would like to use them for my wedding day, they are gorgeous pure white foam roses which are glued onto a bobby pin. I think that they would look great with loose curls and add the finishing touches to my ivory lace dress. Apologies for the photos, it is literally impossible for me to take one on my phone and this is just a quick mock up hair style.

What do you think of Prairie Charms collaboration with Make A Wish Foundation?


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