Bridesmaid Dresses For Every Body Shape

Wedding season is upon us and with my wedding creeping up in October I think that this post is ideal. Coast have recently provided an info-graphic on how to ensure that your bridesmaids look their best on your wedding day with advice around which dresses to choose to suit their body shape. In my opinion I think that this is really important and it would be for me if I was having bridesmaids at my wedding, I would want to ensure that they look their best and feel comfortable on my big day.

As you may know, Coast have a wide range of clothing on their website particularly dresses for events such as weddings, parties and the races.

 As mentioned above they have published a handy body shape chart giving you advice as to what types of clothing to go for to suit your body shape and if your thinking it can’t get better than that then it definitely does, Coast also have all the suggested types of dresses, different necklines and dresses for those who are tall and petite in their store and website making your decisions simple.

V2 coast 2 amended

If your not sure on what you want or if you have a particular style in mind then Coast have created the bridesmaid style book which I highly recommend you check out, it allows you to shop via colour, style, trend and inspiration.


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