Timeless Truth Herbal Rejuvenation Immortelle Mask

DSC_0094 ED

Apologies ladies & gents for the little blog break, my dad has been visiting and the little lady isn’t feeling so great but I am managing to slowly get back to it.

I absolutely love my weekly pamper sessions, I always try and make time for it especially after running after a one year old and a job so a little time to myself is really important to me. So when I stumbled across Timeless Truthย on The Bloggers Hub I instantly wanted to work with them, they decided to gift me their Herbal Rejuvenation Immortelle Mask* (ยฃ4.90) to test out and review on the blog.

Timeless Truth Ltd. Is the exclusive UK/Ireland distributor for Timeless Truth Facialย Sheet Masks which provide the latest advances in bio-technology for amazing anti-ageing results. Timeless Truth have two ranges, their Fusion Masks and Luxury Masks.

This Herbal Rejuvenation Immortelle Mask is one from their fusion ranges which is neither a cream or a gel, these masks are fabric and face shaped making it super easy for use and application. This mask contains organic immortelle extract with hyaluronic acid helping to reduce fine lines and the visible signs of ageing. Skin is nourished and stimulated whilst the upper layers of the epidermis are moisturised.

The mask comes in a gorgeous matte packet which feels and looks expensive, the directions of how to use the mask are explained on the back of the packaging and also put in picture form for ease.

Upon opening the mask I found it a little fiddly as you had to remove the plastic layer before putting it onto your face whilst it’s quite slimy. The mask is designed so that your are able to shape it around your face perfectly but I must admit I do look slightly creepy wearing it, like something from a halloween film haha! As I have not used a sheet mask before I found it a little hard to get used to and especially as there was tonnes of serum in the packet and on the mask.


Apologies for the unflattering photo!

If your after a refreshed feeling then it’s best to pop it into the fridge for a couple of minutes before hand. I opted for the refreshed feeling and it felt really good when I adhered it to my skin instantly adding a cooling effect.

Once applied to my face it did tingle slightly but that shortly passed, during the time period it was on my face it continued to remain moist and cooling unlike some face masks. After waiting 20 minutes I removed the mask which was a simple process and my skin felt so refreshed and soft. I was really impressed with the results, my skin really did feel rejuvenated. To be honest I didn’t really notice any difference in terms of fine line reduction as I don’t have any so I can’t really comment on that aspect.

My Timeless Truth Mask wish list


Have you tried any TT products before?


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