SUQQU Gankin Massage

I was kindly invited along to SUQQU at Selfridges, Manchester earlier this week. SUQQU are a brand that I haven’t really heard of before so I was really interested to find out more, the name SUQQU was derived from the Japanese word sukku-to meaning “posture with attitude” which I really like.

I was greeted by Natalie who took care of me for the next couple of hours, she made me feel very welcome and comfortable. Natalie began with removing my makeup and then started on their famous Gankin massage using their Musculate Massage and Mask Cream.


“SUQQU’s GANKIN MASSAGE was created by exploring the relationship between stiff facial muscles and sagging skin. Stiffness indicates that the lymph flow is not working efficiently and therefore prevents waste from being drained smoothly causing the skin to swell or sag.”

Their Musculate Massage and Mask Cream is a really rich and thick cream unlike your usual masks and moisturisers which enables you to apply sufficient pressure to promote blood circulation and strengthen muscles in turn creating hydrated, supple and bouncy skin.

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 21.21.56

Above is a guide as to how you can perform a Gankin massage on yourself, the massage that Natalie performed was slightly different. To be perfectly honest it did feel slightly weird at first as I have never had a massage on my face and it was quite firm but I felt incredibly relaxed afterwards. Straight away I could notice that my eyes were more tightened and defined.


 Once my skincare and massage was done and I was left feeling well and truly pampered, Natalie let me try out some of the new summer range that had recently been released.  When someone else does my makeup I always try and go for a look I wouldn’t usually do myself, I find it interesting to see what others can create which gives me new ideas.

Natalie was really interactive, explaining each of the products to me, their key ingredients and what they are great for, which really helped me gain more knowledge about the products and what she was using on my face. First up was my base makeup which I have well and truly fallen in love with. Their Frame Fix Fluid foundation provided me with high coverage covering over my dark circles and spots and barely budged an inch throughout the day so there was no need for any touch ups.

I chose a gorgeous subtle purple smokey eye look which looked absolutely amazing using their new Eye Palette ex-01. I seriously love how pigmented the shades are and hurrah they don’t crease on my lids which I always find a problem with some brands. Finally Natalie finished my eye area off with SUQUU’s Liquid Eyebrow Pen 02. 

Lastly I decided to finish the whole look off with a subtle lip colour using their new Creamy Glow Lipstick Moist Ex-17 which is a colour that I wouldn’t usually choose but looks great on. I love how creamy these lipsticks are which is great for me as it doesn’t highlight the dry patches on my lips.


Products used:

Frame Fix Fluid Foundation

Balancing Cheeks 03

Lighting Liquid 

Eyebrow Liquid Pen 02

Eye Colour Palette Ex-01

Eyeliner Creamy 03

Mascara Base

Mascara Volume Curl

Creamy Glow Lipstick Moist Ex-17

Have you been for a facial massage before?

My SUQQU wish list

suqqu wish


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