Busy B Weekly Planner


Personally I think that planning is really important when it comes to blogging otherwise it is absolute chaos for me, I had tried to plan a lot of posts on WordPress previously but that didn’t really work out. When I saw that Busy B was offering to work with bloggers on The Blogger Hub I jumped at the chance to work with them, luckily I was accepted and was gifted this Busy B Weekly Planner* (£8.99) it couldn’t have come at a better time.

This super cute floral weekly planner comes with 60 weekly sheets with a few spare incase of any mistakes and also two magnets which are perfect for the fridge and definitely somewhere that you won’t forget to see it. Even better this planner even doubles up as a mouse mat if you don’t want to use it for your fridge.

I have been using the planner to set out what post I want to do and for what day to try and get me back on track to having quite a few ready to publish. It has also been an absolute life saver for writing my work shifts down too. I love that the sections for each day are a decent size so your not having to write super small and you can cram quite a lot of information in each of the boxes with an added bonus of a ‘to do’ box where your able to write a few extra little bits in.

Do you have any favourite tips for planning your blog posts?


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