Denman ‘Baby D’ Brush


A couple of weeks ago Denman was holding a competition on Facebook and the first 100 entries would win a ‘Baby D’ Denman ($13.35) hair brush and I managed to win one. I haven’t really used hair brushes on Scarlett’s hair before as unfortunately she doesn’t really have that much! though it’s recently started filling out with the aid of Lush’s ‘New’ shampoo bar (YAY) so this brush came just in the nick of time. I have been a fan of Denman brushes for a number of years in my opinion they are quite possibly the best company for hair brushes.

This hair brush is perfect for any little girl with it’s plastic white head with a baby pink rubber handle. I have found the bristles on the brush to be incredibly soft so they don’t hurt Scarlett’s head and glide through her hair without any problems. The brush handle is curved slightly also holdable to make it easier for your child to brush their own hair.


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