Ultimate Spa Bathroom

Images from Pintrest

I absolutely love my little pamper sessions, lets be honest who doesn’t?! I always try and make time for them to help me to unwind a little and find time for just me. With my partner working at Lush and also being a blogger I am never short of any pamper essentials especially as my all time favourite products have got to be face masks, though there is always something lacking for me to fully unwind and relax and that’s my bathroom!

We currently rent our home so I can’t really do much to the bathroom other than some candles and plants but I have always had this image in my head of how I would want my perfect bathroom to look.  If money was no object then to be honest I would go absolutely wild, because lets be honest who wouldn’t! it would be perfect and fitting to how I had visioned it.

UK Bathrooms have been carrying out some research into what people would like to create their own ultimate spa bathroom if money was no object. UK Bathrooms asked 1,000 UK residents over the age of 18 and had found that steam showers, whirlpool baths, sensory showers and home saunas were at the top of peoples must haves for creating their ideal spa bathroom. To be honest I would love all those features in my bathroom too!

My perfect spa bathroom would definitely have to be white and warm grey walls, fitted with a gorgeous cast iron bath and underfloor heating would definitely be a must for me as there is nothing worse than getting out of a toasty bath and being cold! I think that plants and candles would give the bathroom that spa feel making you feel more relaxed and definitely be at the top of my to buy list. I would also love my walls to have have lovely prints such as inspirational quotes making you feel good. Finally to finish my ultimate spa bathroom off I would definitely have to have a huge well lit vanity area just because what girl wouldn’t.

The Better Decorating Bible have also featured a post on ways to do a chic and cheap spa-style bathroom makeover no matter what size your bathroom is!

bathroom wish

What would your ultimate spa bathroom feature?


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