Groom Trends!

Wedding season is upon us and as you may know if you have read a few of my posts that me and my partner are getting married in October so this posts seems fitting. I must admit I am currently a little obsessed with pinning wedding photos from Pintrest anything from flowers to dresses and suits. With the big day creeping up luckily we have now pretty much got everything sorted and paid for but when it came to dress and suit shopping that was a whole new ball game!

I have never imagined how many different types of suits there was to decide from but there is tonnes of different styles and colours! so if I was struggling then there must be many more feeling the same, right?Β Fashion Beans have given grooms to be a little helping hand with their infographic on groom trends featuring suits from formal and classic to relaxed and informal styles so a little something for everyone.


Personally I really like the lounge suits, my partner went for a lovely grey slim fit suit when we was doing our wedding shopping. I really like this infographic and feel like it would be really handy for you guys when on the hunt for a suit whether it be for your own wedding or someone else’s.

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