Lush 20th Birthday!


It may come as no surprise that I am a huge Lush fan and also i’m super lucky that my partner works there too.  Lush have recently had their 20th birthday and as part of that sent all of their staff members a gorgeous 20th birthday goody box which is really generous of them.

How nice is the box!? an absolutely gorgeous photo of their experimented bath bomb, I always have to give Lush credit for their packaging it is beyond amazing.

The box contains a number of exclusive new product inventions, the box that Evan received contained Kinky Hair Treatment, Love and Light Hand Cream, Life’s a Beach Body Scrub Powder, The Experimenter Bath Bomb, Pumice Powder, Odango Solid Shampoo and Outback Mate Soap.

lush1 lush2 lush3


 What is your favourite Lush product?

*item gifted to partner via Lush


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