Running With C25K!

As a few of you might have seen a month or so ago that I started a mini series of posts regarding my progress with running using the C25K app on my iPhone, until I injured my ankle. I have absolutely no idea how I had done it, whether it was down to my shoes, weak ankles or if I was just landing too heavy on my feet but my ankle kept swelling and I was in loads of pain for around 4 weeks, but that’s the only thing with feet you can’t stop using them until they are better because you are constantly on them!


Anyway, finally after 4/5 weeks I am able to run again and I started last week using the app to slowly build me up. I have reverted back to week 1 day 1 so I can ease myself back into it and prevent further injury to my ankle.

Since starting out I have found that I absolutely love running, it really does make me feel good and relaxed especially after work. On another note I am quite surprised with myself really as I am a shy person but I feel totally confident with running on the main roads.

After I have completed my second week using C25K I shall begin documenting my progress here again, you can see both week 1 and week 2Β via my previous posts.

Do you have any running tips for beginners?


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