Karma Se7en Body Jewellery


For anyone that has met or knows me will know that I have piercings and tattoos, I totally understand that this isn’t to everyone’s liking but it is what I have always been interested in so when I was contacted by Karma Se7en to review some of their body jewellery I obviously said yes. I was sent a set of 8mm *Iron Wood Flesh Tunnels (£4.99 each) to feature on my blog.

The delivery process was really simple and fast which I always look out for when buying things as I absolutely hate waiting around when I know I have goodies coming I tend to get too excited. Upon opening the package I noticed the cute purple vibrant box which is a really nice little touch as usually when I buy body jewellery from shops it just comes in a little ziplock bag, nothing special really.

These Iron Wood tunnels are made from sustainably sourced wood which feels high quality and incredibly smooth and for £5 each they are well worth every penny. They are also really comfortable to wear, even whilst your sleeping which again is really important to me as my last ones weren’t and to be honest who wants to be uncomfortable whilst they sleep, I definitely don’t.

The tunnels are also slight double flare with a little lip that are more comfortable for me inserting them in my ears unlike the saddle shaped double flares as I always struggle getting those in and out making cleaning them a breeze.

*PR Sample*


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