A Week In Wales!


I feel like I have been kind of neglecting my posts around Scarlett and would definitely like to write more about her so this is where this posts comes into play, a couple of weeks ago we visited my soon to be husbands parents as we live in Rossendale and they live in Wales. I really struggle to find any sort of time to get our arses down there as often as we would like with me working every weekend and just the cash really, £80 a time is a lot of money.

So we headed down on the train from Manchester to Newport, we were really lucky actually as the weather was amazing whilst we were there so we managed to do lots of fun things. As much as I love being a mother to Scarlett and absolutely adore her I must admit it was nice to have a little break because with my Dad in Scotland and Evan’s parents in Wales we are with her every minute of the day other than when we are working.



We took Scarlett to a plum picking farm which she absolutely loved walking through the fields and touching the trees, she even had her own little bag! it was pretty adorable to see her face light up so much. We managed to grab some homemade jam and marmalade which was so yummy, also we used all the plums we picked to make a delicious plum crumble which definitely took care of those sweet tooth cravings.


Scarlett also had a lovely walk up to Fourteen Locks to look at the ducks and have a walk around in her pram, she absolutely loves being at her nannies always full of smiles, it was so lovely to have a week away from home and see everyone.


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