Blogs 1st Birthday Giveaway



Unfortunately not my blogs birthday cake but my daughters from hers!

I can’t believe I have officially been blogging for a whole year on the 10th! where the hell has that time gone. When I began blogging I was on maternity leave from work and needed a hobby to pass some time and to be honest to keep me sane, I didn’t know that much when I started only little bits so a huge thank you to Heather over at Of Beauty And Nothingness for giving me a helping hand and my partner for being a whizz and helping to set up my blog and domain for me, both of them have been lifesavers.

I would like to think that my blog has grown and expanded from my first post, it definitely makes me cringe when I look back on them! As a huge thank you to my readers I am hosting a giveaway for the MAC Velvet Teddy. 


International Giveaway!

There are some mandatory steps to follow, please do them all to qualify

Giveaway runs from 5th Sept – 25th Sept winner will be notified via Twitter

To enter please follow the Raffle Copter link below:



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