Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening


I was contacted a couple of weeks ago by Marty at Smile Brilliant asking if I was interested in reviewing their teeth whitening kit, obviously I said yes as I don’t have the most perfect teeth nor the whitest because of my caffeine habits, so anything that would give me a helping hand is definitely a huge bonus and plus with the wedding coming up I am in definite need of some pearly whites.

I was sent their *Tray Creation Kit ($179.95) which I believe is around £117, this comes with 3 teeth whitening gels, 3 teeth desensitising gels, 3 base paste pots, 3 catalyst paste pots, 2 gum shields and instruction guides an absolute bargain in my opinion.

So how does Smile Brilliant work, well you start by mixing the base paste and the catalyst paste together, you have to do this quite quick as it will set otherwise. Once you’ve done this you apply it into the gum shields and bite down to form your impression, one at a time. It is a really easy process to follow and only takes a couple of minutes but they have a step by step guide if you need some extra help. When your happy with your impressions rinse them off with cold water and dry them off, then pop them in their pre-addressed envelope and post directly to them.


The whole process is pretty fast to be honest, they received and shipped out my custom fitted trays out within a couple of days and I also received them in the UK in no time at all. The lab technicians create a plaster cast of the impressions you send to them and then create plastic custom fitted trays ready for you to start the teeth whitening process. When I received the custom fitted trays I found that they fit perfectly, I was quite skeptical whether they would be comfortable, but they are really comfy and painless, you can even sleep with them in!


Now you’ve got your trays your ready to begin whitening your teeth, again Smile Brilliant have included a step by step guide for both the Professional Teeth Whitening Gel and the Desensitizing Gel, both guides are really easy to follow. You apply a small ribbon of the Professional Teeth Whitening Gel inside the your trays, there is no need to spread it as it will spread evenly once the trays are fitted to your teeth.

You are able to leave the whitening gel in the trays for a minimum of 30 minutes and maximum of 3 hours, this is when the whitening gel will stop working. I tend to leave my trays in for 1 hour as I tend to do it before lunch time and get hungry, silly me!

I experienced some slight tooth sensitivity when applying a little too much to the trays, oops! a little really does go a long way in this case. After you’ve whitened your teeth rinse your trays out and dry them off, apply your Desensitizing Gel to the trays and leave for 15 mins, this will replenish any vitamins and minerals that are lost during the whitening process and also reduces teeth sensitivity.


After using Smile Brilliant for 1 hour I could instantly see results, I have been using the teeth whitening gel for a couple of sessions and as you can see from the photos they aren’t yellow anymore WHEYY, though they aren’t pearly celeb white they are definitely much whiter than what they were. I am really impressed with this kit and I shall continue using the gels to give me that whiter smile for my wedding day.


Have you used any teeth whitening products before? What did you think of them?


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