MAC Studded Kiss Lipstick


I am a sucker for a red lip and especially as autumn is upon us, I absolutely love scrolling through Pintrest looking at autumn makeup looks, I think that it really compliments pale skin. I recently won a competition hosted by London Beauty Queen for a department store voucher so I chose Selfridges, I kind of had an idea of what I wanted to buy and a deep red lipstick was definitely on the list.

I swatched a few of Mac’s red lipsticks and Studded Kiss (Β£15.50) was a definite winner it is just perfect.  A gorgeous matte deep oxblood red fitting for autumn, even though this lipstick is matte it glides across you lips with ease and I have found that it doesn’t tend to highlight my dry patches which is great. The lasting power is great through eating and drinking, I find that it lasts a good few hours leaving behind a lovely lip stain when it’s faded before you need to top it up.

The pigmentation of this is incredible and I would definitely recommend it to others if you want a bold lip. 

I have been absolutely loving this lipstick lately, it is definitely my go to lipstick paired with the Urban Decay Smokey palette. When I first wore it I noticed that Studded Kiss smells like mini eggs, this really doesn’t help my love for chocolate, I find myself wanting to go raid the shop every two minutes.

What’s your favourite Mac lipstick?

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