Our Wedding Day

As many of you might know if your a regular follower or just follow me on social media, I got married 3 weeks ago.. 3 weeks ago our little family was finally complete, we are now the Morgans.

I have never fancied a huge wedding, I don’t know there’s something about them that makes me feel uneasy.. i’m actually quite a shy person, so a room full of guests whilst trying to say my vows is really off putting in my opinion. As we are pretty similar we both agreed that a small wedding would be the best option with only my Dad and his Mum as witnesses and little Scarlett as my flower girl would make it really intimate.


As the day was fast approaching people kept asking if I was nervous, though I wasn’t as it was only a small wedding so I felt fine, all our wedding planning was complete months ago so I could just sit back and relax.. and I didn’t turn into bridezilla thank god for everyone else!

With the big day here, we opted for a early ceremony at the Registry Office which meant Scarlett would be less groggy due to nap time.. bonus! We had quite a few photos before hand, it didn’t feel real until I walked down the aisle with Scarlett holding one hand and my dad holding Scarlett’s other hand. I must admit I felt so emotional and almost teared up walking down to my soon to be Husband, he looked so handsome. Me and my little lady walked down the aisle to Gabrielle Aplin – The Power of Love, I love the original by Frankie Goes To Hollywood but this sounds a little more mellower. Though I say walked she pretty much ran down the aisle and we got a few seconds of the song.

Soon after our vows I was now Mrs Morgan, we signed the register and it was official and couldn’t have been more perfect except for one more thing, I wish my mother could have been there to see the wedding, though as many of you that don’t know me my mother passed away quite a few years ago, though i’m sure she would be proud. We headed outside for a bunch of photos which hats off to our photographer looked absolutely amazing! the quality and vibrancy are incredible and captured our day perfectly.wedding3wedding5 wedding6

After all that we headed off to Mc Donalds drive through, I was starving with all the visitors in the morning I didn’t have chance for any breakfast so I needed a quick veggie burger fix! We headed home so I could get into my pjs, it was nice to be home and relax before the wedding meal, I was able to spend time with my new husband and all our visitors.

Dress: Chi Chi London

Makeup: Natalie Dunn 

Hair: Chelsea Watson

Shoes: BHS

Necklace: Treat Republic

Bracelet: Pandora

Rings: Hand Crafted by Holly Glynn @ Astral Foundry

Photography: Dean Mcbryde


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