Bleach London Violet Skies

Hello ladies & gents! i’m back!

As you may know if your a reader of my blog unfortunately I haven’t done a post since mid December, life has been so hectic with work, study and the little one that unfortunately my blog has took a hit. I shall be posting as and when I can unlike previously being every other day.

For those who know me will know that it is almost impossible for me to keep my hair one colour, I think the longest I have ever kept it brown was when I was pregnant with Scarlett, I just get bored so easily. Usually my hair is usually brown (my natural colour), ginger or red though as of late with summer fast approaching, well when I say summer I really mean  UK summer… a little sun if we are lucky and a lot of rain, i’ve been lusting over greys and pastels.

Unfortunately I am cursed with whenever I have an idea in my head I think of every reason to fulfil it so I bleached my hair using a standard home bleaching kit in hope to try out some pastel shades. From using the Jerome Russell bleaching kit (£5.99, Boots) my hair lifted pretty well to a light blonde and then I used Fudge Clean Blonde Purple Shampoo (£10) to tone it.

I went ahead and purchased the Bleach London Violet Skies semi permanent hair dye 150ml (£5, Boots) in hope that it would do the trick, before hand I researched the product and looked at photo outcomes which ticked all the right boxes for me and being £5 it was perfect. Firstly what I like about Violet Skies is that it has a really thick custard like consistency so there is no worrying about getting splats of hair dye everywhere which is always a pain when your doing it yourself, the amount of clothes I have ruined from that is unreal.. you would think I would learn by now to have a hair dye spare set.


It is advised that you apply the dye to towel dried hair for 15 minutes though I left mine on for around a hour, I combed the dye through my hair and waited for the results. A hour passed and it’s time to wash and dry my hair but unfortunately I was left feeling disappointed, the dye had only taken to 4/5 patches of my hair and left the rest looking gingery which really didn’t look great, a shame as the shade is a stunning colour.



Going off my experiences with this product and reading some other bad experiences I wouldn’t really recommend this product to anyone else though everyone’s hair is different and it may work on yours.

Have you had any experiences with Bleach London products?


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