La Riche Directions | Lilac Hair

If you know me personally then you will know I am a sucker for changing the colour of my hair, I just get bored so easy and I am rather impatient, which isn’t the way to be when it comes to your hair. I absolutely hate going to hairdressers because I never seem to like my hair afterwards but lucky for me my sister is a hairdresser and does it to my standards as she knows what I like.

As long as I can remember I have always lusted over the pastel shades but have never took the plunge until a couple of months ago when I attempted to go smokey grey.

Grey is incredibly hard to achieve as it needs a white base, when I had mine done it was a relatively light blonde which I wasn’t expecting it to be a really light grey anyway as I had already been pre-warned which is fine. It took 3 toners to get it to a decent coverage as some parts of the hair it wouldn’t take to, once faded it faded to a muddy grey which didn’t look the best, leading me onto my current colour.

As mentioned before I am really impatient when it comes to my hair so I put a box dye bleach on my hair to strip all the grey out leaving a clean base for the colour to was going to use next which is a lilac colour. Again lilac to work best needs a white base, I have tried other brands such as Bleach London but this didn’t take to my hair unfortunately, so I invested in a couple of pots of semi permanent La Riche Directions in Lilac as I have used this brand before and it’s always worked wonders.

I applied two 88ml pots to light blonde dry shoulder length hair using a tint brush and left it for 1 hour to develop, though the pot recommends towel dried hair and for 15 minutes. I have to be honest I was quite skeptical whether I would get a vibrant lilac but again I wasn’t expect wonders as I hadn’t had great results so far.

A hour had passed and it’s ready to wash my hair out and I must say that the results are better than what I had expected, the colour is gorgeous obviously it would be more vibrant on a white base as I’ve mentioned. There are still parts of my hair where it hasn’t taken too but it is not too obvious and blends pretty well.

As these pots are semi permanent unfortunately it does wash out *sad face* but the process is gorgeous as it fades to a really beautiful purpley grey! Everything I want in a little pot.


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