Superdrug Colour Freedom


Since forever obsessing over the grey hair trend I took the plunge in April and had it done for my birthday, I went to my sisters salon which she did pre-warn me that it might not be possible. It was a long process and took 3 rounds of toners to get even the slightest bit grey, it still had brown tones in it, which was slightly disappointing but I knew the risks.

I’d seen quite a lot about Superdrug’s Colour Freedom range around Instagram and from the tagged photos it seemed like people had incredible results, so I thought I would give it a whirl. Within their Colour Freedom range they have Metallic Glory which are permanent,generally this is available for £7.99 but managed to grab it on offer for £5.32. I decided to pick up the shade silver grey.

Contents: Cream developer, colourant, conditioner, gloves & info guide

Before hand I had light grey hair so my hair was petty light to begin with though I had hints of brown and lilac coming through as I haven’t dyed it in so long, I have been using Fudge violet toning shampoo which has been incredible for keeping my hair grey though it does tint it lilac after a while so I was definitely in need to even the colour out.

The process was pretty much your standard box dye hair routine, I added the colourant tube to the cream developer, gave it a shake and I was ready to go. I split my hair into sections and added the dye to small bits of my hair, massaged them in and combed the dye through so I would get an even amount throughout. I left the dye on for a total of 25 minutes and washed out the dye, popping the conditioner provided in the box to leave my hair feeling silky.

I must say I am thoroughly impressed with the results, it has left me with gorgeous even smokey grey hair!



Have you used the Colour Freedom range before? What did you think?



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