Shop Dixi Moonstone Engagement Ring


Growing up I had always loved the rings that my mum wore, so when she passed away she left me some of her jewellery which included an absolutely stunning diamond and ruby ring. This became my engagement ring but I am always paranoid the jewels might fall out and with it being the only thing I have left of her I didn’t want to risk it any longer.

I have forever admired the jewellery on Shop Dixi, their ranges are absolutely stunning. Β I particularly like The Killing Moon & Harvest Moon but never brought myself to making a purchase, I just always forget. When I saw a picture of their moonstone engagement ring Β (Β£60) I knew it had to be mine, it was perfect!

“Light Your Way is a delicate yet enchanting sterling silver ring. Featuring a mystical rainbow moonstone centre as the focal point for this piece, she’s a romantic and beautiful piece- perfect for your loved one.”


As mentioned in their description the ring is delicate and kind to the eye, it is made from sterling silver with the band being quite thin. With this the band is perfect for me as my fingers are only small so I end up with a sausage finger if I wear too many on one (it isn’t a good look trust me). The only disappointing thing I would have to mention is the packaging, it came in a cardboard box with ‘DIXI’ wrote on it, inside was a little grip seal bag which in my opinion wasn’t very flattering especially if it’s classed as an engagement ring and also for such a beautiful ring. Understandably this may be due for it fitting through the letter box but it could have at least been placed in a little draw string bag to make it feel that little bit more special and elegant.


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