Crazy Color | Candy Floss

As you might know from now I am forever obsessed with fussing with my hair colour, I am so impatient with it which is never a good thing. I’ve recently had grey hair using Superdrug’s Colour Freedom, I absolutely adored grey hair and that’s probably the one colour that I’ve had for the longest but with it fast approaching to spring and summer I wanted something lighter, after all I can always go back in autumn/winter.

With wanting my hair lighter is the unfortunate process of bleaching, this is a massive pain in the backside, especially doing it myself. I decided to bleach the ends of my hair using the Jerome Russell bleaching kit 30% volume which I find works best lightening my hair, I mixed the powder and developer which is pretty straight forward and got started. I separated my hair into sections and applied the bleach onto my hair using a tinting brush blending it so it wasn’t so blocky, left it for 40-60 minutes and rinsed it out. I decided to put a hair mask on because as you know with bleaching it damages your hair and i’d rather not end up with it feeling like straw, any one will do but I used Aussie’s 3 minute miracle treatment. I was pretty impressed with the results and the ends were really light, the only issue was that leading up to my roots was slightly ginger but it didn’t look terrible.


I grabbed the Crazy Color semi permanent hair dye in Candy Floss (£4.99) from Blue Banana,  I was a little skeptical whether it would actually work as pastel colours need a white base or at least a platinum blonde but it was worth a go. I applied the colour to my hair rubbing it in with my hands and left it for 30 minutes, I washed it out using just warm water and it’s left a subtle pinky colour as you can see from the photos the ginger bits are still there, but it’s still beautiful.



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