Colour Freedom | Pink Pizazz

If you haven’t heard of Colour Freedom before then you are definitely missing out in the hair game, Superdrug have Knight & Wilson’s brand exclusive to their stores and have such a wide range of semi permanent and permanent dyes. I’ve used Colour Freedom before using their Metallic Glory range which you can have a nosey over here.


If you’ve read my last hair post then you’ll know i’ve recently dyed my hair Candy Floss using Crazy Color which looked incredible but due to it being a pastel colour it didn’t last long and washed out totally within 3 washes which I was gutted about. I decided to try a brighter colour which I thought would last longer and fade to a nice subtle pink.

I grabbed Colour Freedom’s semi permanent dye in Pink Pizazz which is basically a flamingo pink colour, I picked up the 150ml tube which is their extra large size perfect for long hair or multiple use on short/shoulder length hair. I had already previously bleached my hair using Jerome Russell 30% bleaching kit which lifted my hair to a light blonde, I highly recommend it if you don’t have the money to buy salon supplies, it’s left a perfect base for any bright colours.


What’s in the box?

150ml tube of semi permanent dye




I grabbed my dye bowl and tinting brush and away I was! I decided to dilute the dye slightly with a white based conditioner just incase I was left with luminous pink hair, Knight and Wilson do a pasteliser allowing you to create pastel colours but conditioner just works exactly the same I think and saves you £6.99.

I sectioned my hair into four parts and added the dye to dry hair, Colour Freedom recommend that you add it to towel dried hair but I never have. I added the dye to each section starting from the bottom using the tinting brush, with my hair covered in the dye I massaged it into my hair to make sure that it got all the strands of hair. It is recommended that you leave it on for 15 – 30 minutes depending on the vibrancy you want, personally I left it for 30. The smells of dyes are my pet hate especially when you have to put up with it for a good 30 minutes, but Colour Freedom smells absolutely incredible and what’s even better is that it has a deep conditioning formula with Shea butter and Argan oil leaving your hair silky smooth and in tip top condition.

After 30 minutes had passed I washed my hair with warm water, it says to wash until the water runs clear but I was there for a good 10 minutes washing it and the colour was still running so I decided 10 minutes was more than enough. I dried my hair and was left with such  vibrant flamingo pink colour it’s insanely beautiful, it felt SO soft without any need for a hair mask which is what I usually have to use when dying my hair to prevent it drying out.

Colour Freedom claim that their dyes fade out within 6-10 washes which is reasonable for semi permanent colours but they advise that if you wanted to colour refresh then simply wash your hair, towel dry and comb through, add a little blob of the dye and work through your hair.

Faded to pastel pink after 4 washes & deep conditioning. 

I am definitely impressed with the result i’ve gotten and cannot recommend them enough!


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