Colour Freedom | Pink Pizazz

If you haven’t heard of Colour Freedom before then you are definitely missing out in the hair game, Superdrug have Knight & Wilson’s brand exclusive to their stores and have such a wide range of semi permanent and permanent dyes. I’ve used Colour Freedom before using their Metallic Glory range which you can have a nosey over here.


If you’ve read my last hair post then you’ll know i’ve recently dyed my hair Candy Floss using Crazy Color which looked incredible but due to it being a pastel colour it didn’t last long and washed out totally within 3 washes which I was gutted about. I decided to try a brighter colour which I thought would last longer and fade to a nice subtle pink.

I grabbed Colour Freedom’s semi permanent dye in Pink Pizazz which is basically a flamingo pink colour, I picked up the 150ml tube which is their extra large size perfect for long hair or multiple use on short/shoulder length hair. I had already previously bleached my hair using Jerome Russell 30% bleaching kit which lifted my hair to a light blonde, I highly recommend it if you don’t have the money to buy salon supplies, it’s left a perfect base for any bright colours.


What’s in the box?

150ml tube of semi permanent dye




I grabbed my dye bowl and tinting brush and away I was! I decided to dilute the dye slightly with a white based conditioner just incase I was left with luminous pink hair, Knight and Wilson do a pasteliser allowing you to create pastel colours but conditioner just works exactly the same I think and saves you £6.99.

I sectioned my hair into four parts and added the dye to dry hair, Colour Freedom recommend that you add it to towel dried hair but I never have. I added the dye to each section starting from the bottom using the tinting brush, with my hair covered in the dye I massaged it into my hair to make sure that it got all the strands of hair. It is recommended that you leave it on for 15 – 30 minutes depending on the vibrancy you want, personally I left it for 30. The smells of dyes are my pet hate especially when you have to put up with it for a good 30 minutes, but Colour Freedom smells absolutely incredible and what’s even better is that it has a deep conditioning formula with Shea butter and Argan oil leaving your hair silky smooth and in tip top condition.

After 30 minutes had passed I washed my hair with warm water, it says to wash until the water runs clear but I was there for a good 10 minutes washing it and the colour was still running so I decided 10 minutes was more than enough. I dried my hair and was left with such  vibrant flamingo pink colour it’s insanely beautiful, it felt SO soft without any need for a hair mask which is what I usually have to use when dying my hair to prevent it drying out.

Colour Freedom claim that their dyes fade out within 6-10 washes which is reasonable for semi permanent colours but they advise that if you wanted to colour refresh then simply wash your hair, towel dry and comb through, add a little blob of the dye and work through your hair.

Faded to pastel pink after 4 washes & deep conditioning. 

I am definitely impressed with the result i’ve gotten and cannot recommend them enough!


Crazy Color | Candy Floss

As you might know from now I am forever obsessed with fussing with my hair colour, I am so impatient with it which is never a good thing. I’ve recently had grey hair using Superdrug’s Colour Freedom, I absolutely adored grey hair and that’s probably the one colour that I’ve had for the longest but with it fast approaching to spring and summer I wanted something lighter, after all I can always go back in autumn/winter.

With wanting my hair lighter is the unfortunate process of bleaching, this is a massive pain in the backside, especially doing it myself. I decided to bleach the ends of my hair using the Jerome Russell bleaching kit 30% volume which I find works best lightening my hair, I mixed the powder and developer which is pretty straight forward and got started. I separated my hair into sections and applied the bleach onto my hair using a tinting brush blending it so it wasn’t so blocky, left it for 40-60 minutes and rinsed it out. I decided to put a hair mask on because as you know with bleaching it damages your hair and i’d rather not end up with it feeling like straw, any one will do but I used Aussie’s 3 minute miracle treatment. I was pretty impressed with the results and the ends were really light, the only issue was that leading up to my roots was slightly ginger but it didn’t look terrible.


I grabbed the Crazy Color semi permanent hair dye in Candy Floss (£4.99) from Blue Banana,  I was a little skeptical whether it would actually work as pastel colours need a white base or at least a platinum blonde but it was worth a go. I applied the colour to my hair rubbing it in with my hands and left it for 30 minutes, I washed it out using just warm water and it’s left a subtle pinky colour as you can see from the photos the ginger bits are still there, but it’s still beautiful.



Superdrug Colour Freedom


Since forever obsessing over the grey hair trend I took the plunge in April and had it done for my birthday, I went to my sisters salon which she did pre-warn me that it might not be possible. It was a long process and took 3 rounds of toners to get even the slightest bit grey, it still had brown tones in it, which was slightly disappointing but I knew the risks.

I’d seen quite a lot about Superdrug’s Colour Freedom range around Instagram and from the tagged photos it seemed like people had incredible results, so I thought I would give it a whirl. Within their Colour Freedom range they have Metallic Glory which are permanent,generally this is available for £7.99 but managed to grab it on offer for £5.32. I decided to pick up the shade silver grey.

Contents: Cream developer, colourant, conditioner, gloves & info guide

Before hand I had light grey hair so my hair was petty light to begin with though I had hints of brown and lilac coming through as I haven’t dyed it in so long, I have been using Fudge violet toning shampoo which has been incredible for keeping my hair grey though it does tint it lilac after a while so I was definitely in need to even the colour out.

The process was pretty much your standard box dye hair routine, I added the colourant tube to the cream developer, gave it a shake and I was ready to go. I split my hair into sections and added the dye to small bits of my hair, massaged them in and combed the dye through so I would get an even amount throughout. I left the dye on for a total of 25 minutes and washed out the dye, popping the conditioner provided in the box to leave my hair feeling silky.

I must say I am thoroughly impressed with the results, it has left me with gorgeous even smokey grey hair!



Have you used the Colour Freedom range before? What did you think?



La Riche Directions | Lilac Hair

If you know me personally then you will know I am a sucker for changing the colour of my hair, I just get bored so easy and I am rather impatient, which isn’t the way to be when it comes to your hair. I absolutely hate going to hairdressers because I never seem to like my hair afterwards but lucky for me my sister is a hairdresser and does it to my standards as she knows what I like.

As long as I can remember I have always lusted over the pastel shades but have never took the plunge until a couple of months ago when I attempted to go smokey grey.

Grey is incredibly hard to achieve as it needs a white base, when I had mine done it was a relatively light blonde which I wasn’t expecting it to be a really light grey anyway as I had already been pre-warned which is fine. It took 3 toners to get it to a decent coverage as some parts of the hair it wouldn’t take to, once faded it faded to a muddy grey which didn’t look the best, leading me onto my current colour.

As mentioned before I am really impatient when it comes to my hair so I put a box dye bleach on my hair to strip all the grey out leaving a clean base for the colour to was going to use next which is a lilac colour. Again lilac to work best needs a white base, I have tried other brands such as Bleach London but this didn’t take to my hair unfortunately, so I invested in a couple of pots of semi permanent La Riche Directions in Lilac as I have used this brand before and it’s always worked wonders.

I applied two 88ml pots to light blonde dry shoulder length hair using a tint brush and left it for 1 hour to develop, though the pot recommends towel dried hair and for 15 minutes. I have to be honest I was quite skeptical whether I would get a vibrant lilac but again I wasn’t expect wonders as I hadn’t had great results so far.

A hour had passed and it’s ready to wash my hair out and I must say that the results are better than what I had expected, the colour is gorgeous obviously it would be more vibrant on a white base as I’ve mentioned. There are still parts of my hair where it hasn’t taken too but it is not too obvious and blends pretty well.

As these pots are semi permanent unfortunately it does wash out *sad face* but the process is gorgeous as it fades to a really beautiful purpley grey! Everything I want in a little pot.


Bleach London Violet Skies

Hello ladies & gents! i’m back!

As you may know if your a reader of my blog unfortunately I haven’t done a post since mid December, life has been so hectic with work, study and the little one that unfortunately my blog has took a hit. I shall be posting as and when I can unlike previously being every other day.

For those who know me will know that it is almost impossible for me to keep my hair one colour, I think the longest I have ever kept it brown was when I was pregnant with Scarlett, I just get bored so easily. Usually my hair is usually brown (my natural colour), ginger or red though as of late with summer fast approaching, well when I say summer I really mean  UK summer… a little sun if we are lucky and a lot of rain, i’ve been lusting over greys and pastels.

Unfortunately I am cursed with whenever I have an idea in my head I think of every reason to fulfil it so I bleached my hair using a standard home bleaching kit in hope to try out some pastel shades. From using the Jerome Russell bleaching kit (£5.99, Boots) my hair lifted pretty well to a light blonde and then I used Fudge Clean Blonde Purple Shampoo (£10) to tone it.

I went ahead and purchased the Bleach London Violet Skies semi permanent hair dye 150ml (£5, Boots) in hope that it would do the trick, before hand I researched the product and looked at photo outcomes which ticked all the right boxes for me and being £5 it was perfect. Firstly what I like about Violet Skies is that it has a really thick custard like consistency so there is no worrying about getting splats of hair dye everywhere which is always a pain when your doing it yourself, the amount of clothes I have ruined from that is unreal.. you would think I would learn by now to have a hair dye spare set.


It is advised that you apply the dye to towel dried hair for 15 minutes though I left mine on for around a hour, I combed the dye through my hair and waited for the results. A hour passed and it’s time to wash and dry my hair but unfortunately I was left feeling disappointed, the dye had only taken to 4/5 patches of my hair and left the rest looking gingery which really didn’t look great, a shame as the shade is a stunning colour.



Going off my experiences with this product and reading some other bad experiences I wouldn’t really recommend this product to anyone else though everyone’s hair is different and it may work on yours.

Have you had any experiences with Bleach London products?


Prairie Charms #PrairiePayItForward


I was invited to take part in Prairie Charm‘s recent collaboration with the ‘Make A Wish Foundation’ which they have decided to kindly give back in their own way by donating 25% of each order to their chosen special cause. Personally I think this is a great way of getting people involved and backing a good cause, also discovering a new brand as I have never heard of Prairie Charms before.

“With our exciting relaunch we have decided to throw a collaboration party if you will as an opportunity to highlight the importance of giving back to the community and become an inspiration to others into how it only takes small gestures to bring people together and appreciate the importance of one another, whilst having lots of fun at the same time. “


As part of their collaboration they kindly gifted me 25% off their products, I decided to go for their Rae White Rose Bobby Pins 7$ and they also sent me two other products as a kind gesture. I picked the bobby pins as I would like to use them for my wedding day, they are gorgeous pure white foam roses which are glued onto a bobby pin. I think that they would look great with loose curls and add the finishing touches to my ivory lace dress. Apologies for the photos, it is literally impossible for me to take one on my phone and this is just a quick mock up hair style.

What do you think of Prairie Charms collaboration with Make A Wish Foundation?


Glossybox February


Glossybox February Edition (£10 + P&P)

For those who do not know, Glossybox is a monthly subscription costing £10 plus P&P which allows you to try out 4-6 different products (some full sized) ranging from hair to skincare. All subscribers got a sneak peak in their January box that they would all receive the Royal Apothic Tinties which I was excited for from seeing the privew.

Apologies for the late Glossybox post, I know it would have been suitable for Valentines day oops. I absolutely loved this months Glossybox packaging, it was perfect for Valentines day with the gorgeous pink printed lettering for the box lid. Unfortunately for you guys this months box has sold out.

This months Glossybox included 5 full sized products which was a lovely treat, with the added bonus of a packet of love hearts (YUMMY) to fit in with the Valentines theme. Right, enough rambling time to reveal the contents of the box.

So in this months box I received the Wilkinson Sword Hydro Silk (£9.99), because I do not wax I am forever needing new razors! (hair is a huge pain in the butt!) so I was  really happy that this was included in the box, plus it helps you pamper and prepare for your Valentines night. I also received the MARSK Mineral Eyeshadow – Fifty Shades (£14.49) Hi-5 to Glossybox for included a Fifty Shades themed product in this months box. I absolutely adore the shade of this mineral eyeshadow, I am a sucker for greys and it just looks simply stunning on. I have found that this eyeshadow is easily blended which is always a bonus and creates a great smokey eye look.

As teased in the January box the Royal Apothic Tinties – Coral ($14) was included to every subscriber, I absolutely adore the rose gold packaging on the lid and the outer box packaging is beautiful.  This lip tint is a subtle coral colour which looks gorgeous matched with my pale skin, it also has a trio of oils to moisturise your lips. This Royal Apothic Tinties has now become my handbag favourite. Speaking of rose gold, I received this So Susan Rose Quartlet Lip & Cheek Palette (£8) which comes in a gorgeous black palette with rose gold writing on the lid. Upon first impressions of this palette it does look quite cheap, like what you would get in a child’s makeup set, now that might just be me and this may not be the case with the full sized product. Though that being said, I do like the shades that are in this lip and cheek palette especially the red it is gorgeous on.

Last but not least I received the Got2Be All Start 10 in 1 Styling (£4.07), the packaging is so vibrant with them using metallic purple and green, you can definitely not miss this if you lost it. I am definitely excited to use this product as I hate my hair being flat and lifeless so it will be interesting to find out what kind of looks it creates.

Overall, I am definitely pleased with this months box! It has included 5 full sized products which is always nice to receive. My favourite products of the box have to be the MARSK Mineral Eyeshadow and Royal Apothic Tinties, these are both brands that I have never heard of and I am certainly glad I have tried them.

Have you received the February Glossybox? What was your favourite product?


DGJ Organics Haircare


I was kindly sent the *DGJ Argan Oil range from MediaHubb to test out and review. I was excited to test these products out as recently I have swapped my haircare to using natural products such as the Lush haircare range.

Firstly I must mention the packaging of these products, the shampoo and conditioner are in gorgeous opaque plastic tubes which gives them a luxury feel. The *DGJ Organics Berutti Oil (£7.99). The Berutti oil comes in a plastic pump-able tube with metal casing and a metal lid which in my opinion feels and looks expensive.

I have recently had my hair lightened at the ends and usually it tends to be quite dry afterwards, I headed to the shower to wash the bleach out and grabbed these hair products as what better time to test them out. I was sent the *DGJ Organics Argan Oil shampoo (£5.99) which aims to strengthen, repair, nourish and reduce frizz. The shampoo is also designed for those with coloured, over-processed and unmanageable hair which has been damaged by heat. I was also sent the *DGJ Organics Argan Oil conditioner (£5.99) which also aims to do the same as the shampoo, again designed for those with coloured hair which is a perfect match for my hair.

I have found that after using both the shampoo and conditioner my hair instantly felt revived, it was so soft after bleaching which I have never had before. The condition of my hair after using it for a couple of weeks looked and felt great, it had definitely improved.

I also received the *DGJ Organics Berutti oil to review which contains Moroccan Argan Oil to bring dull, damaged and unmanageable hair back to life. Whilst I have been using this I have noticed that 2 pumps makes my hair quite oily, so I have reduced it to 1 pump and it is definitely better for my hair. It leaves my hair looking shiny, smooth and not dry.

Overall, I am extremely happy with the results provided from using the Argan Oil range from DGJ Organics it has revived and restored my hair to a better condition.

Have you used any of DGJ’s ranges before? What did you think?

*PR Sample*


Denman D3 AnarKitty Ruby Brush


*Denman – AnarKitty ‘Ruby’ D3 Brush (RRP £7.50)

I was kindly gifted this *AnarKitty ‘Ruby’ Brush from Denman to review, this one of their latest Valentines special edition brushes available on their website. Denman have teamed up with AnarKitty to create this stunning red D3 brush which resembles the 20s era. The brush is highly influenced by ‘The Great Gatsby’, ‘Mad Men’, Denman and AnarKitty, creating an image which displays the fashion and culture of women from the ‘flapper girl’ period

The image on the brush is of a 1920’s style woman wearing the famous flapper dress which is printed on a stunning gloss ruby red background. The image of the woman also features the iconic 1920’s finger wave hairstyle which has been finished with the Denman crown giving it that modern twist.

Firstly I must comment on how gorgeous the packaging is, a lovely matte cream and black box with subtle gold and red gloss accents. The handle is a gorgeous plastic ruby red with ‘AK’ printed in black and the Denman logo debossed into it. This brush certainly looks and feels high quality and as for the brush part, there is a white thick rubber with the letter ‘D’ and the Denmark crown embossed onto it. The bristles on the brush as longer than your average hair brush with a rounded tip so not to hurt your scalp while using.

I have insanely knotted hair and will wake up in the morning with the hair of Russell Brand which means that I am forever brushing and taming it. With this Denman brush I have found that it just glides through the knots in my hair and I can honestly say it has been a life saver every morning, and my hair is definitely easier to maintain with this brush, it has found its way into my handbag!

Have you tried any Denman brushes? What is your favourite?

*PR Sample*


LUSH | New Shampoo Bars

My partner has recently got a job working at LUSH and being a huge LUSH fan you can imagine the excitement when I found out that he got the job! One of the beauties of working for them is that you get staff samples and one of these is that he got to chose two of their new shampoo bars that are being released in the next week or two. There are 6 new shampoo bars in the range which are ‘Lullaby’, ‘Honey I Washed My Hair’, ‘Brazilliant’, ‘Jason And The Argan Oil’, ‘Montalbano’ and ‘Copperhead’. He decided to chose ‘Copperhead’ for me as it is better for coloured hair and he chose ‘Brazilliant’.


Brazilliant Shampoo Bar (RRP £5.75)

“Strengthen and condition hair with andlroba oil from the Brazilian rainforest and lift your mood with sunny orange oil”

The smell of this bar is beautiful, the orange oil is very apparent but not too over powering. This is one of the ‘sense’ bars and has a less SLS (Sodium lauryl sulfate) which is the ingredient that creates the lathering that you know and love with shampoo, due to this it is a lot softer than the others. This bar still works amazingly well for my partners hair and he says that it lathered up very quickly and cleaned thoroughly leaving behind a nice fresh scent.


Copperhead Shampoo Bar (£5.75)

“Perk your hair up with this mild shampoo, ideal for coloured locks. With coffee and henna for shine. A great choice for dark hair.”

Upon first smelling the bar I can’t say I could smell the coffee but the scent of henna was quite strong – it was quite a strange scent for me but not off putting, but wow I do love this shampoo bar. I must say it is my new favourite shampoo.. after using this my hair feels incredibly soft and looks shiny! it literally looks like i’ve got someone else’s hair. Another aspect that I love about this bar is that usually with shampoos and coloured hair the dye runs but i’ve found this is minimum when using this bar – meaning that your hair colour will last a lot longer.



What I love about these shampoo bars is that they last up to 80 washes which is 3 times more than a bottle of shampoo, though the only downside is that they have to keep dry otherwise they will wear down more, this isn’t much of a problem though as you can just throw them onto the soap dish to dry out for next time.

Overall, I love both of these shampoo bars they both smell great and the results are fantastic. The ‘Brazilliant’ shampoo bar has an amazing orange scent leaving your hair smelling gorgeous and fresh. The ‘Copperhead’ shampoo bar is great for those with coloured hair which i’ve found keeps your dye washing away at a bare minimum. I would also love to try out ‘Lullaby’ and ‘Jason And The Argan Oil’ shampoo bars

Head over to LUSH’s website by clicking their logo below.

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 20.58.57